site de rencontres iranien site de rencontre flash love sehr erfreut ihre bekanntschaft zu machen italienisch rencontre 59660 sites de rencontre gratuits see here citas imss por internet hermosillo http://www.blockhaus-tschechien.at/minay/4389 site de rencontre olfa.fr site de rencontre avec des qatari Our lives are filled with people telling us how to act, how to survive a three day weekend, how to dress for the company BBQ. Our bosses, parents, co-workers, friends, spouses, even random strangers on websites all tell us how to best prepare for a visit with the in-laws. We don’t know about you, but here at Revolvist, we like to feel empowered and in control of ourselves. We bet you do, too.

Revolvist will provide funny, relatable content written by people who challenged authority and the status quo; individuals who dare to be different. Look at the people you admire. What makes them cool? Do they follow blindly, like sheep? Do they keep quiet or stand up for their beliefs?

Revolvist is a magazine for people. That’s all. We just do things a little differently.

Kenneth Suna