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Easy Minimalism

Easy Minimalism

When I was a kid, my much older, much cooler cousin introduced me to the concept  of minimalism. He had this beautiful house which overlooked a river. A very precarious manmade staircase led down a steep hill where one could theoretically put a boat. He did not have a boat. Because he was a minimalist (Note: I do not know if this is the reason he did not own a boat.)

These days weirdoes on the internet express this weird idea that everything is complex and multifaceted. You can’t be a minimalist until you’ve spent a decade in therapy dealing with your endless baggage. Becoming a minimalist is a long, drawn out process.

Sorry, but that’s bullshit. Being a minimalist is easy. Here are five easy ways to get started. No explanations required. Minimalism = succinctness:

1: Throw away your shit. You know shit from non-shit. Start small; a little at a time.

2: Tell people to stop giving you gifts. Let them know you’ve become a minimalist. Even if they think of you when they see mittens (because you love mittens!!),resist gifts or donate gifts to your local shelter.

3: Live with the discomfort. You’re used to a cluttered house, things on shelves, vases and tchotchkes. Once you’ve purged, fight the urge to re-clutter.

4: Sort your mail before you enter your home. Recycle as much as possible the minute you get indoors.  

5: Set a reminder on your phone to do short tasks on certain days:

     Monday: Wipe down bathroom with Lysol wipes.

     Tuesday: Five minute living room clean up.

    Wednesday: Wipe down kitchen counters and clean  kitchen floor.

    Thursday: Take out recycling (if you live in an apartment).


    First Saturday of the month: Panic dust (your mother just called, she’s swinging by in a few minutes).

    First Sunday of the month: Panic vacuum (your mother left her mittens from yesterday’s visit!  She will be there in ten minutes).


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Kenneth Suna is the founder of Revolvist. He lives and works in Washington, DC.
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